Atlanta lawyer

ג'יימס הינו עו"ד מוסמך במדינת ג'ורגיה ומומחה בתחום הנדל"ן. אחראי על התהליך המשפטי של העברות בעלות לנכסים ועל הכספים בנאמנות בין הקונה למוכר.

 James is a boutique law firm whose practice is concentrated in

residential real estate transactions. The firm tends towards investor clients and deals

largely with nonconforming “hard money” transactions, as well as interest only or

negative amortization loans for investment property. The primary goal of James

 is to provide swift and accurate closings for a reasonable price. Typically closings

are consummated within three to five business days of receipt of the initial title request

Title problems such as probate issues, prior liens and mortgages, and breaks in chain of

title are swiftly handled to insure a good marketable title for each closing

James has twelve years experience in closing real estate transactions and

prides his firm on customer service. He believes that when someone calls for any reason

that they should be able to reach a staff member that can assist them, or reach James

himself. Written requests are answered promptly, with an eye towards answering

all requests before the end of the business day.